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Saturday, December 24, 2005

You can read Mao, but that's about it

The UMass Dartmouth student who was the alleged target of a Homeland Security visit for attempting to obtain Mao's Little Red Book by interlibrary loan has confessed to making the whole thing up. I must say, I am both relieved, and infuriated. Relieved, because it's nice to know that at least in this instance, the government isn't wasting our money trampling on the simple right of Americans to read what they want, when they want to. Infuriated, because as evidenced by the flood of information recently of real ways our government is trampling on our rights every day of the week, and this hoax merely provides fodder for the right-wingnuts to dismiss those concerns with a "Hah!" How about these trampled rights?: 1. Our government is secretly spying on vast numbers of Americans without warrants 2. Our government is spying on little old ladies, animal rights activists, environmentalists, gay groups 3. Our government is infiltrating peace groups and agitating in disguise at demonstrations, causing the legitimate demonstrators to become involved in altercations they wouldn't otherwise have been involved in. 4. Our government is torturing people 5. Our government is torturing people to death 6. Our government is torturing people, resulting in false information that helped justify illegal war 7. Our government operates secret prisons 8. Our government disappears people 9. Our government holds American citizens as enemy combatants for years on end with no charges and no way to clear themselves 10. Our government secretly spies on Muslims in this country without warrants, including entering private property to do so 11. Our government is the top "democracy" in jailing journalists 12. Our government is illegally spying on political opponents 13. Our government regularly perjures itself in court, for example, here and here


Blogger faeriebell said...

Great points, each and every one of them. How long will the American people let this happen?

Today's news about them spying on Muslims is being received with a bit more of the same, "They're protecting our freedom" BS when it should have been met with outrage.

This reminds me of a quote from the late Karl Heiss that I just read on Brad Spangler's blog, I hope you don't mind me posting it here. "Many people…are so unsure of freedom that they see its preservation only in its abandonment… We seek…who are neither afraid nor ashamed of what freedom has accomplished, and who will pledge their future to a life in freedom rather than mortgage it to fear, to regimentation, and to a garrison state."

8:07 PM  
Blogger faeriebell said...

oops, I apologize, that should be Karl Hess.

^^ Great blog here, thanks!

8:08 PM  
Blogger rebmarks said...

Faeriebell -
Thanks for your comments -- Curious to know how you got to my blog, since I just started it, and obviously don't have much of a readership (yet!). Before I started, I had so much to say on so many topics -- but now I find myself paralyzed for just that reason -- there are so many outrages going on that it's hard to decide what to write about...

10:51 AM  

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