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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No, they WOULDN'T have gotten FISA warrants if they'd asked for them...

Ok, I know I'm risking my card-carrying member status by posting this, but I disagree with Arianna and other lefty posters who say that Bush should have gone to the FISA court because they would have rubber-stamped what he wanted to do anyway; after all, they've only turned down 4-5 warrants and approved 18,761. What Bush has been doing is broad spectrum eavesdropping on thousands if not millions of conversations, picking up on specific words and phrases. This probably would NOT have been allowed by the FISA court, which is why they didn't go there. The warrants they DIDN'T ask for were much more likely to be similar to the 4-5 than the 18K. And if this is what the Bushies are doing, it seems quite unlikely to me that scanning for particular words and phrases would pick up real suspects, as aren't they more likely to be using code phrases and words? I might talk about the latest Bush scandal on the phone with my in-laws in France, and I might use the words: Bin Laden, terrorist, 9/11, etc. etc., but the REAL terrorists will be having conversations like: "I need to buy a pair of blue jeans on Friday, make sure that Uncle James puts enough in my account by Tuesday." Meaning, we will be carrying out our mission on Saturday, make sure that the suicide belts are ready to be picked up on Wednesday. On the other hand, they do keep claiming that they are only listening to "terror suspects", so I guess it behooves us to continue to play the game and pretend that they are telling the truth -- therefore sticking the question to them again and again -- why couldn' t they get warrants for that?? What FISA court is going to turn down warrants specifically aimed at listening to named "terror suspects"? And why haven't I heard more intelligent opining on the national security aspects of the leak? How on earth would it hurt national security for the terrorists to know that they were being tapped without warrants as opposed to with warrants? As I have said in previous posts, I wish the terrorists were as stupid as the wingnuts. "Osama, quick, turn off that cell phone!! Those ^#&^% infidels are tapping us without a warrant!!!"


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